essay 2 exploration

Exploration Assignment: Choosing a Topic for Essay 2

Welcome to the first of two exploration assignments this semester, designed to help you move toward choosing a topic for Essay 2, in which you will write about either “The Bloody Chamber,” or “Bluebeard’s Egg,” and explain how you think the choices that story’s author made influence the meaning and significance of the story. This assignment is somewhat similar to an observation with headers, etc., and should be about the same length (perhaps a little shorter). Look over the prompts below before you write—you may want to address them out of order since they are all connected.

Please use the questions below to write your headers and guide your short (200 words) paragraphs; address each section through clear, structured, paragraphs with complete sentences and developed thought:

Which story do you think you will write about, and why?

This header should be modified to be like “The Bloody Chamber: Because Yes, the Bride Shares Some Blame, But Let’s Not Forget that Bluebeard is a Serial-Killing Psychopath.” (Now you can’t use that amazing title—sorry.) Or, “Bluebeard’s Egg: Sally’s Painful Journey to a More Developed Self-Identity.” (Now you can’t use that one either—but both of those might hint at essay-worthy topics. You’re welcome.)

What was your take on the significance of the original Bluebeard Story that you’ll be comparing the meaning of this story to?

Remember, with this, you can acknowledge the moral of the story, but should be moving beyond it.

What is/are the most important change(s) the writer of your chosen story brought to it?

Each story changed the original tale in so many ways: in “The Bloody Chamber,” it is moved more toward the modern day, in France, with tons of new character detail and a few plot changes. In “Bluebeard’s Egg,” it is completely in the present day, and there is no murder—Bluebeard is a metaphor. Within these broad retellings, what are the most important specific new elements that lead you most to your interpretation below?

What is your developing interpretation of the story, or where are you starting now that you need to keep thinking about?

In this section, do you best to think about where you are in your analysis of the story—you might think of this as your draft conclusion or concluding idea. This will no doubt change, but this assignment is meant to have you start organizing your thinking so you have plenty of time to revise it.

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