culturally relevant teaching practices

Original Lesson Plan has been attached


Lesson revision to reflect multicultural pedagogy and culturally competent instructional strategies and an analysis (3-4 pages) of the changes.

To become effective teachers who incorporate multicultural concepts, we must become effective in our instructional practice. Therefore, determining how we will teach is as important as what we will teach. As a teacher you must determine what culturally relevant instructional models or strategies you will use in your practice. What theory supports this model? Once you have answered this question, you have taken the first step in designing effective instruction. Incorporating multiculturalism is itself a part of the content process, not just an added activity. In this assessment, you will weave together the theory with the practice.


  • Identify an upcoming lesson from your curriculum, including the objectives and assessment.
    • How did you approach teaching this lesson in the past?
    • What styles of teaching and strategies have you used when teaching this lesson?
  • Identify the assumptions and biases in the current lesson.
    • What do the objectives, materials, content, or assessment assume about students?
    • What do students need to already know about the content in order to make connections to the new learning? How is that background knowledge culturally biased?
  • Revise the lesson by incorporating strategies and materials to address the assumptions and biases you identified.
  • Evaluate how the strategies you selected incorporate student culture in the lesson.
  • Reference the multicultural theory or best practices to support your strategy selection.
  • Analyze the differences in the lesson before your changes and after.
    • How will the strategies you incorporated provide equal access to the content for all learners?
Additional Requirements
  • Submit the original lesson plan with objectives, assessment strategy, plan for materials, and sequence of activities.
  • Submit the revised lesson with changes that reflect the culturally relevant teaching strategies incorporated.
  • Submit a 3–4 page analysis based on the instructions above and scoring guide criteria.

Resources: Cultural Competence and the Role of Teacher Beliefs

Resources: Lesson Planning with Multicultural Strategies

Planning Multicultural Lessons

The resources below provide examples and strategies you might use to plan your lesson to submit for this course’s assessment.

Resources: Culturally Responsive Strategies

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