Crisis Intervention WK 4

Week 4: Question for Discussion(Wk # 4: May 25 to May 31 – Main post under Assignment by Wed, May 27 at 11:59 PM EST).Chapter 7 – Post-Traumatic StressQuestion(s): be prepared to discuss 2 questionsThere are different treatments used for the diagnosis of PTSD. The textbook mentions several.1. Select one of PTSD treatments and discuss it.2. Explain why you selected that particular treatment.Guidelines: The selection needs to be from the textbook. Student mentions one of the treatments for PTSD (30 points). Student discusses the treatment (35 points). Student explains why she / he selected that particular treatment (35 points).APA Format – With 2 peer reviewed references besides the textbook (Crisis Intervention Strategies –  Richard K. James; Burl E. Gilliland )STRICT APA 6th ed ADHERENCE – (Even in the references and citations please).

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