I need help with beginning a data management project. The project should span over 7 weeks. Please see below for week 1 deliverables:

Week 1 – Definition of the Requirements Analysis section.

  • Identify the project you plan to work on over the next 7 weeks. This could be based on experience you have in a previous job or could be based on one of your hobbies. It should be a way to gather meaningful information to help solve a problem with a process or to improve a process. You need to make sure you’ll be able to meet the requirements with your project.
  • I would expect to see 1-2 paragraphs each in a Background section and in a Purpose section (2-4 paragraphs total). This is providing the background information of the data model to be developed in subsequent weeks.
  • Add business requirements.
  • Download the file above. #2
  • Identify the components of data model: Define the entities, primary keys, and relationships that are used to define the data model for your project in the space provided.

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