Chapter 11 covers the area of social psychology. This week’s discussion board is going to be a little different. Instead, this will be a student initiated threaded discussion. What this means is that each student will create his or her own discussion thread question based on the reading material in Chapter 11 and the videos that you watch. For the development of your prompt, be sure to design a question or questions that provoke critical thinking. It is important to focus on developing open ended questions. Closed Questions limit expression, often are answered by repeating information found in a textbook, and constrain students to think in terms of right and wrong answers. Open Questions allow for expression, multiple answers or solutions and for the exploration of the unknown. As you develop the question, focus on the content for the week, the learning objectives of the class, and the experience of your classmates.

Required Textbook: Grison, S., Heatherton, T. F., & Gazzaniga, M. S. (2015). Psychology in your life New York: Norton & Co.

ISBN: 9780393265156

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