Overview: In Milestone One, you will begin your progress toward successful completion of your final project, the risk analysis and mitigation memo. It is important to note that this milestone addresses Section I, Parts A and B of your final project. For purposes of this activity, these items have been further broken down in the milestone activity than they will be in the final version of your project. This is meant to help guide you through all the aspects of this point in your learning experience. You will start by reviewing the project scenario and some key documents that contain information about the student degree progress project that are provided for you in the Project Management Documents Excel workbook. Your work on this milestone will help you successfully develop several elements of Section I of the final project, including discussion of the purpose of the student degree progress project, its objectives, the location of information about the project, and the roles and responsibilities of project team members. Prompt: As you go through these documents, think of yourself as a member of this team. In the following activity, you will use those documents to make key connections. While the project charter is in its own Word document, the Student Degree Progress Project Charter, the RACI and WBS charts are included in the Excel workbook that you will use to complete this assignment. Go through each labeled tab to access each key piece of information. You will continue to refer back to these documents throughout your work on the milestones leading to your final submission. You may reference the elements in this document to support your answers, using text and screenshots as needed. Your submission for Milestone One should address the following critical elements: I. Introduction to the Project: Keep this area as concise as possible (1 to 2 paragraphs) while ensuring you fully accomplish the following:  Explain the purpose of the student degree progress project.  Describe the end objectives or project outcomes.  Explain where this information is documented in the artifacts you are using and provide an attachment of the specific documentation you used to obtain this information. Remember, your email memo will want to refer your reader very specifically to key areas in the attachments you provide so that your leadership team can dig into it as needed. II. Key Stakeholders and Roles: In this area, you will describe all of the project roles in a detailed paragraph. These descriptions of each team member’s role are important and are often used for stakeholder audiences. For instance, this information may be used when the project work structure is presented to department management for comment and approval. You may organize this area as you wish; as a rule of thumb, you will likely need a complete paragraph to fully address the following for each role:  List the team members identified in the project documentation and their project roles accurately.  Describe the relevant function or general behavior of each role specific to this project.  Explain the significance of each role specific to the phases of the project that the role is involved in.  List the assigned tasks for each role. Rubric Guidelines for Submission: Milestone One must be submitted to Blackboard as a Word document. Your submission should be clear, coherent, concise, and free of errors.

I have attached both files that need to be reviewed in order to complete the assignment. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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