• This is the third component of your course project.

Use your textbook Gartee, R. (2011), Health Information Technology, Chapter 8, Additional Health Information Systems Page 182-207. and Burke and Weill, (2012) Information Technology in Surgery- The Cutting Edge, page 158*178, and other resource.
Once a Request for Information is complete, a Request for Proposal (RFP) is created. The Request for Proposal formally asks vendors to submit proposals on how they would resolve the needs and wants of the health care setting.
Prior to creating a RFP, one needs to be familiar with the various standards for the health care setting, as well as the field in general. In this assignment, you are asked to complete that research.
Using the Internet complete the following:
• Research and analyze the critical needs of the hospital by creating a list of questions that would be given to the vendor that addresses security, compliance, and regulatory criteria. Create a list of 10 key areas that would be addressed in the RFP.
• Examine and evaluate HIPAA, Electronic Health Records, and Quality Improvement initiatives.
o Explain why these three topics are critical to the successful implementation.
o Describe how all three areas are related to one another.
• Examine and evaluate Information Technology and how IT works within a health care setting.
• Explain how IT and Administration can work in a collaborative environment
• Evaluate the policies and Human Resource guidelines of the hospital.

Skim through the Healthcare information and Management Systems Society web site. Also National Health Information Center web site. This information you find on the site will be helpful to complete the activities in this unit.

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