MySQL Lab 4:

1. Write a statement to display the shipment ID, destination city, destination state and shipping costs of all shipments destined for Salt Lake City, Utah.

2. Repeat Exercise (1), but include appropriate (your choice) column aliases.

3. Write a statement to display the city of destination and the average cost of shipping to each city of destination.

4. Repeat Exercise (3), but sort the displayed cities in descending order.

5. Write a statement to display the city of destination, the shipping company and the estimated shipping date for all UPS shipments.

6. Repeat Exercise (5), but further restrict your output to estimated shipping dates occurring after January 20, 2001. (Hint: your date restriction will require a format identical to the one displayed from Exercise (5), and it must be in single quotes – for example: ’2001-01-20’).

7. Write a statement to display the shipment ID, average weight and average shipping cost of all shipment items. Group your output by the shipment ID.

8. Repeat Exercise (7), but restrict your output to records having average shipping costs in excess of $10.00.

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