part 1:

Bela Bartok, Music for Percussion, Strings and Celeste, Movement 1 (Andante Tranquillo)

Describe the musical elements of this piece. Cite any musical features you can identify – instruments, register, placement of sound in time, loudness, density, silence, layering, anything else you can hear and describe.

Point out any larger musical landmarks: moments when the music changes abruptly, when new elements enter, or when continuity is interrupted (give timings).

Map the global shape of this long movement. Step back from the details and describe its overarching structure.

How does the composer generate continuity and gradual evolution? (400-500 words)

Part 2:

This part asks you to compare two musical works from the perspective of an imaginary binary of musical intention. in the following pairs of concepts: subjectivity / objectivity; expressivity / mechanization; non-repetition / repetition; originality / appropriation. Discuss the two works, showing how each work illuminates one of the two sides of the conceptual pair you are discussing. Choose one piece for each side of the binary, and make a clear case for how the composer uses musical techniques and compositional strategies to project one concept or the other. (200-300 words)

“”””””” IMPORTANT NOTES “””””

1. do not use outside resources all you need is to listen and write how those piece made you think to your best knowledge of these questions

2. do not use outside resources again!!!

3. focus on the pieces themselves rather than talking about the author, i don’t need information about their background or any of that, just a simple paper

4. please no more than 800 words

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