You have analyzed and ethics complaint via three documents—an evaluation, the complaint, and the ethics board’s decision. But would you be able to identify the ethical problems? And more importantly, would you understand how to avoid committing them in the first place?

In a post to the discussion board, answer these questions:
What does this case illustrate about the importance of ethics in forensic psychology?
What problems did this psychologist’s poor ethical thinking cause for the family involved?
Would you have been able to read the evaluation and spot the ethical problems? Did you catch any? Did you miss some? Explain.
What could the psychologist have done differently that would have made this an ethical evaluation?

After you post, read through your classmates’ posts. Be sure to respond in particular to their ideas on the importance of ethics and the consequences of poor ethical thinking. Also discuss what you all were able to identify as unethical in the evaluation.

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