Choose a film of your choice regarding one of the organization theory topics. Write 4 pages analysis about the film and relate/connect your reflection to organization theories or theorists (this is very important). Show me why this film is a

example of organization theory. I don’t need a

. You can give a summary only just a little bit if it helps the flow/

of the paper.

Examples of films already covered (you should choose a new film other than examples):

Modern times film and neoclassical theory,

Office space film and Richard Scott’s 5 central elements of organization,

Arrival film and Perrow’s framework for organization technology,

The office film and organization culture theory.

For your convenience, this is what I found and you may work on it (The movie “Apollo 13” and Organizational Behavior Theories ). However, it’s your choice to choose a different one as long you can relate it to organizational theories.

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