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Development can be defined as gradual growth or formation. Some countries have gone through stronger development than others. Other countries called LDCs (least and less developed countries) have had trouble developing economically. A Marxist explanation for LDCs, called the dependency theory, explains why countries continue to be underdeveloped. This theory asserts that poor countries have been purposely stuck in dependent situations. This keeps them from being able to develop economically.

In my opinion, I do believe dependency theorists have a valid argument. Countries with only one primary product to export are more disadvantaged when it comes to expanding economically through trade. It shows they have only one crucial thing to trade with, and it can make them easily manipulated. If their trade is easily manipulated, then their economy can be manipulated. I think the best strategy for LDCs is to find a way to start manufacturing their own goods and increase their modern technology. It is their best bet in expanding their economies.

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