I have already wrote the essay, I just need someone to fix it up and follow the direction written on the paper. Please read it through firmly and understand the directions given. I have done close to everything on the essay, I just need someone to talk about the city of clown and how it is connected with the thesis statement. After that, please reread the essay and edited any mistakes. Please feel free to add any information as needed. But please make NOT TO US ANY OUTSIDE SOURCE expect for THE BOOK. The book is called War by Candlelight. Once again please read the instructions and understand what the professor Is asking. I have done a lot of work, I just need someone to talk about the second story called “City of Clowns.” The Two stories I have picked from the book called War by Candlelight are “City of Clown” and “War by Candlelight.”

1. talk about the “City of Clown”

2. Edited and Add any information needed

3. follow the directions!

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