Assignment topic:

Draw on the models and frameworks from class and beyond to develop

a “roadmap” for strategic growth that you could use to guide you in

future management roles.

Assignment Criteria:

The assignment provides the opportunity for you to take the concepts that we have covered in class and extend your knowledge in ways that will be useful for your future career direction. There will be a choice of topics so that you can focus on an area that is relevant. The assignment needs to be between 3,000 and 5,000 words in length.

Details of topics will be provided early in the course so that you have time to do the necessary research. The assignment will be due in the last week of class.

Assessment criteria

1. Quality of arguments – logic and integration Are the arguments logical? Are the conclusions or recommendations clearly linked to the analysis? Do the arguments support a consistent, coherent overall growth strategy?

2. Use of conceptual tools and frameworks to support analysis Does the analysis show that the writer has mastered the different conceptual tools and frameworks studied in the course? Does the essay selectively draw on the most relevant concepts for growth? Have the concepts been applied in a competent, insightful and compelling way?

3. Organisation and clarity of expression Is the essay well organised and structured? Can the reader easily understand the recommendation and arguments behind it? Is the essay written clearly?

4. Use the Concepts and framework in the attached files on most of the assignment and use a few new concepts and framework relevant for the assignment.

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