Answer all parts separately, each part has to be answered as a summary of 250-300 words. If you use some other sources as a reference use in-text citations and list the references as well.

Part 1: Communication Situation for Marketers


It’s said that timing is everything. Timing can also be important to marketers and where and when the market.


What type of programs would your company like to advertise on?

What products do you think would sell well on happy programs?

What products do you think would sell well during sad programs?

Should companies get to dictate the type of programs the advertise/market on?

What happens if your ad comes on during am bad times news segment or crude show?

Part 2: Brand Loyalty & Product Preferences?


Many people will only buy specific brands.
I know people who hate Pillsbury products and will only buy Betty Crocker.
Some people have to have Cutie Mandarin oranges and will not buy other mandarin’s.
My brother only buys Coors Light whereas I like to try different brews.
I bought generic tator tots and my kids thought I was being cheap.


Are there any products out there that you feel are superior over others? Please name a few that come to mind.
Are there any products that you will only buy one brand or nothing at all?
How did you come to this realization?
Did you try these products first?
Have you tried the brands you won’t buy?

Part 3: Information Search


We all have a process we go through when we make purchases. I say that I’m a buyer and not a shopper. I don’t like to shop for the sake of shopping. I like to get in, get out and leave with my products as fast as possible.


What’s your typical information search consist of when you’re looking to buy something?

Does your search vary based on the price of what you’re buying?

What is meant by internal and external searches?

Part 4: Evaluative Criteria


Chapter 16 of this week’s reading discusses Evaluative Criteria. As consumers once we identify that a need exists we start evaluating various options. We look at the features, benefits and characteristics of our potential purchases.

Building custom home’s I offer hundreds of floor plans and thousands of options. With all of these options there’s many levels of price points too. The majority of our customers are seeking affordable housing, but we can definitely build the Taj Mahal too. Sometimes I’m working with a couple that each has separate criteria that is important and once in a while their values directly go against the each other.


What’s the most number of features you’ve evaluated when making a purchase?

Have you ever made a joint purchase where what you valued had to be sacrificed in order to please someone else?

What has been your most difficult purchase decision ever?

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