Written Assignment Due sunday Oct 22nd


Compare and contrast how surveys can impact healthcare both negatively and positively, then explain what steps can be used in helping to eliminate biases in the healthcare industry as it relates sampling and gender biases. Next, discuss the types of surveys that might be used for your course project topic and how sampling and gender bias may color the information provided by surveys.

Scoring Rubric: Surveys

Criteria Weight
Impacts of surveys on healthcare are provided-both negative and positive 10
Steps to eliminate bias listed 20
Surveys around project topic discussed 30
Discussion of sampling bias in project topic 30
No spelling or grammar errors 10


Course Project overview

The project is a contiguous review of your knowledge, skills and assessment (KSA) of what you have learned throughout the course. This project drives you to choose a topic in healthcare and allow you to use your knowledge to showcase how you might handle delicate issues in your sphere of influence to continue to provide quality, increased performance and marginal financial growth in any given quarter or year. Healthcare is in an ever-changing climate, as it is heavily regulated, and highly accountable to the community, patients, its stakeholders and the government. Therefore, this project will demonstrate how you analyze data to make strategic decisions.

I chose the topic Consistency of Care for my course project.

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