Part 1

Cardiovascular disease (CVD alone accounts for approximately 20% of all deaths each year worldwide, and the numbers and percentages of deaths are projected to continue to increase at unprecedented rates (Dishman et al., 2004; World Health Organization, 2012)

Take some time to research cardiovascular disease, statistics, causes, risk factors, etc.

Give a specific and detailed overview of what you believe would be the best course of action to keep these numbers and percentages from consistently rising year after year. Really think about and consider a solution to this growing problem. Do not just respond with “individuals need to increase physical activity”, explain and give ideas of how we (as a country) can encourage/motivate people to become more physically active. Think about an actual, overall plan/blueprint to decrease the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Part 2

There are several areas of study in exercise epidemiology including various types of cancer, cerebrovascular diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and mental health. Select a specific disease and respond to the following questions.

1.) What disease did you select?

2.) Give a brief overview and explain what your selected disease is?

3.) What are the statistics with regards to prevalence for the disease that you chose (you can list statistics either for the United States or another country, but specify which you choose to list)?

4.) What is the most current research/updates/possible cures/general information released about your selected disease? *THE INFORMATION THAT YOU SHARE IN YOUR RESPONSE TO THIS QUESTION (#4) MUST BE CITED, SO BE SURE TO REFERENCE YOUR SOURCES*

Part 3 View the following two(2) videos, then answer the questions below:

(You may also have to do a little research to answer the following questions.)……

1 – What exactly is the Zika virus infection?

2 – What key actions will help to contain the spread of the disease?

3 – When it comes to containing a disease outbreak, why is it so important to get accurate information to the public?

4 – What myths surround the Zika virus infection?

5 – Are we at risk here in the United States? WHY or WHY not?

6 – What is the United States doing to help with preventing the spread of this disease?

7 – What have been the United States’ worst disease outbreaks and what were the specific years of these outbreaks?

8 – Worldwide, what have been the worst epidemics and what were the specific years of each?

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