Assignment 1: Rough Draft Dropbox

The rough draft of your proposal is due now while the final draft due will be due in Unit 5. See the Reading area for the example template.

The objective of the project is to participate in the development of a detailed proposal as used in any organizational setting. Access the quick summarized preview of the Unit 5 final researched proposal checklist below so you can begin to address these items in your rough draft of the proposal due in this unit.

You will post your rough draft in two places:

1) The rough draft of your researched proposal is due to the Unit 4 Discussion peer review.

2) The rough draft is due to be submitted to the Unit 4 Assignment Dropbox no later than Saturday of Unit 4.

Your instructor will review your rough draft and provide you with feedback to guide your writing of the final draft. Your team of peers will provide you with feedback on your draft in the Discussion.


  • Contains no fewer than 1,500 words; no more than 3,000.
  • Clearly identifies the audience and purpose.
  • Shows research has been conducted and preliminary integration of research material is in place following APA formatted in-text citations.
  • Adheres to assigned format — single spaced, double space between paragraphs, cover page, table of contents, and references.

Put your rough draft in a Word document. Save it in a location with a title you will remember and that includes your name.

Access the rubrics for Assignment 1 and 2.

Submit your rough draft to the Unit 4 Assignment Dropbox. Make sure that you save a copy of the paper you submit.

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