Define terms

  • Leadership
  • Motivation –
  • Behavior conditioning
  • Malsow’s Hierarchy
  • Positive Conditioning-
  • Operant Conditioning-
  • Equity theory
  • Mass Media-
  • Team-
  • Expectancy Theory-

True or False/

T or F Media executives have little struggle with reinventing the industry

T or F Fewer opportunities exist in traditional media industries for entrepreneurs

T or F Successful leadership depends on singular style and skills

T or F Traditional leadership traits for a CEO are best.

T or F Managers in media should always know what motivates their employees

Essay Questions to respond to/

  • What are important leadership traits management should have in media?
  • How does Maslow’s Hierarchy come into management decisions?
  • What is Theory X, Y, Z?
  • What is the motivation process and the three theories that define it?
  • What can a company leader do to encourage innovation in media?

Match to answer/

1)Situational Leadership Theory _____Classified needs into a five-tier hierarchy

2)Task-Relationship orientation _____Said that an employee’s needs may be partially but not completely met, or that you could be motivated by two needs at the same time

3)Abraham Maslow _____ That an effective leader approaches leadership by understanding the followers’ task and psychological maturity

4)Clayton Alderfer _____ Said that most people want to influence others and be liked

5)David McClelland _____ That some leaders are more concerned about job related tasks, while others focus on maintaining good relationships

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