This assignment can help you understand how to create algorithms, and write programs using Java, following the stages presented in the system development section, and using best practices in writing programs.


Consider the following problems, design the algorithms that would solve them, and then implement the algorithm in Java.

You are free to choose between writing pseudo-code or drawing flowcharts. Make sure to include screenshots of your running programs. You can take screenshots using
PrintScreen of the console window in which you run the program. Put your algorithm and the screenshots together in a Word document

Problem 1:

Write a program that prompts the user for a measurement in meters, and then converts it in to miles, feet, and inches.

Problem 2:

Write a program that reads in an integer, and breaks it into a sequence of individual digits. Display each digit on a separate line.

For example, the input 16384 is displayed as






You may assume that the input has no more than five digits and is not negative.

Problem 3:

Write a program that asks the user to input:

  • The number of gallons of gas in the tank
  • The fuel efficiency in miles per gallon
  • The price of gas per gallon

Then print the cost per 100 miles and how far the car can go with the gas in the car.

Problem 4:

Write a program that asks the user to enter the name of his or her favorite city. use a
String variable to store the input. The program should display the following:

  • The number of characters in the city name
  • the name of the city in all uppercase letters
  • the name of the city in all lower case letters
  • the first character in the name of the city

Problem 5:

Read a word from the user and display the string with the letters shifted to the right by two positions and with the letters shifted to the left by two positions in the string. Save all of the three strings in separate variables and display all three of them at the end of the program.

Submission: You are required to submit the following files for this assignment by clicking the link,
Project 3 – Use of Data, above. Please note Blackboard only allows you to attach one file at a time.
Make sure all of the following required files have been attached before you click the Submit button.

  • One Java file for each problem, which means you need to submit five Java files.
  • A Word document containing the algorithms and the screenshots of the running programs for all of the five problems. Please name your Word document as P3_Last Name_First Name.docx or .doc. For example, P3_Smith_John.docx.
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