Assignment: write a four-page research paper that forces you to question your “settled” beliefs and assumptions about a leader of your choosing.

Pick a leader and present a general thesis statement about that leader utilizing one of Stockton’s 10 Essential Learning Outcomes.

• Then: present an argument that confirms, rejects, or modifies your thesis and support your response with factual evidence.

• Your paper must have at least three “research-worthy” sources.

Stockton’s 10 ELOs • Adapting to Change • Communication Skills • Creativity & Innovation • Critical Thinking • Ethical Reasoning • Global Awareness • Information Literacy & Research Skills • Program Competence • Quantitative Reasoning • Teamwork & Collaboration

Thesis Statement – Example #1: • One of Jack Welch’s greatest leadership traits was his ability to adapt to change during his years as Chief Executive Officer at General Electric. • Thesis Statement – Example #2: • Jack Welch’s use of differentiation caused more harm than good at General Electric from the standpoint of teamwork & collaboration.

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