You will prepare an APA- 6thEdition Paper interviewing a professional who is working in the Health care industry preferably in the HIM or HIT environment. Topic relevant to concepts and expanding roles of HIM in the American health care services will be the focus. You will have an in depth research of the organization that you are focusing on, what kind of roles you have looked or you are looking into, develop on the questions that you have discussed previously and interview an individual. Provide a thorough responses for the interview questions prepared. You will include a recommendations for a fellow student. In addition, you will write about on how this will help you hone your career. Finally, a synopsis of your understanding and conclusion.

10 pages long including Title, Abstract, Body of paper and Reference page(s).

A minimum of at least 4 references are required. Make sure these are reputable or peer reviewed scholar articles and not just a link to a website.

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