Education philosophy Paper

Personal philosophy of Education, which should focus on the purpose of education, which is why education is carried out and not so much how it is carried out.

Title page is my motto “teach them well and let them lead the way.”

Persuasive paper -Treat this as a position statement

Abstract Abstract’s First Sentence: Write your thesis statement first.It should state what you believe the long-range impact education should have on students and society.


Thesis statement- It is best to place the thesis statement at the end of the introduction.This serves as a transition into the rest of the paper

Philosophy of School and learning (1st heading) “why” of education

In structural Practice (2nd heading) This section should flow smoothly from the previous one.

Teacher Learning Relationship (3rd heading) What is the role of the learner?

Diversity (4th heading) What diversity factors need to be taken into account by the teacher?

Classroom Management philosophy (5th heading)

TIPS-State where you agree or disagree with some of the leading theories and theorists

Reference (4) one should be from Graham (2009) textbook Teaching Redemptively,

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