This assignment involves composing an analytical report on a website (Your report should be 6-12 pages, including graphics. I will need you to provide, for example, some screen shots of the web site). The website you choose should be one from your workplace or somehow related to your major or career choice.

I will attach the “progress short report memo on results of the usability study” that I did before. I already chose the website wich is my major’s depatrment website, Civil Engineering at University of South Alabama.…

I am pursuing a bachelor degree, in case if you need this info use in the report.

Because everyone’s website review will have different purposes and results, there are three basic approaches to the assignment. Please choose ONE approach only:

1) Analyze a website at your place of business or career interest. If the website meets effective visual rhetoric and document design standards as well as usability testing, your analytical report will show how this website is deemed effective and appropriate for the business.

2) Analyze a website at your place of business or career interest. If the website needs improvement based on visual rhetoric, document design, and usability issues, write a recommendation report that researches and assesses what needs to be improved and why.

3) If your place of business does not have a website, your analytical report will suggest whether or not the business needs one and what it will cost and how much time it will take to implement one. If you prove that your place of business does not need a website, then your analytical report should investigate what other technical communication methods the company could or should be using to improve its business.

Of course, you need to chose one of the first two becouse I can not use number 3 obviously. So, you choose either number 1 or 2.

The purpose of this case is to teach you not only visual rhetoric and document design terms of online technical communication (i.e., websites, which communicate using both text and graphics) but also how to write an analytical report.

you MUST have SEVERAL cited sources for the long report. You may use other websites, articles about analyzing websites or usability studies, personal interviews, usability surveys, etc. Our USA library has plenty of good databases from which to do research:

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