Part 3: Discussion Activity: GRADED

Information technology (IT) professionals must understand the functionality of the various types of networking hardware and media. Without this knowledge, it would be challenging to design a local area network (LAN) and to specify appropriate components. Not only are the network hardware functions different, organizations may use devices from different vendors complicating the integration between them.

Imagine that you are a consultant hired to install a LAN for a small neighborhood business. For a start, you may wish to consider the hardware and media used in your home or business to create a LAN. What exactly is required for Internet access?

Begin by discussing the network devices and media used in your home to create a LAN and to access the Internet. Discuss what might be needed to expand this environment to accommodate a small office with six employees.

Focus your explanations on the following:

  • Identify all of the network components that are necessary to create a local area network with Internet access.
  • Explain what each element does and why you would need to use it.
  • Summarize what might be necessary to configure an Internet connection. Identify the type of device you would recommend for this and explain why you would recommend it.
  • Finally, describe your experience regarding the LabSim tasks and share which node or activity you found to be the most enlightening. Explain your reasons.
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