Power point presentation

·Group Leader- Be sure you have audio working and Word document for both Pro and Con side prior to submission.

·Group Leader- Remember, if you have a member of the group who is not completed- submit anyway.The student who is not completed will need to contact me.

·APA will be each individual’s responsibility to correct –not the leader.

·We need to figure out which power point style to use so all of us are using the same one that way (group leader) can just put together and not have to edit them.

·Debate- establish who will be on the Pro and Con side for this assignment and what audio technology component will be used by the entire group.

·PRO: 2 slides

·CON: 2 slides

·Title slide- Mandatory Vaccination in Children

·Declare that a certain policy should or should not be created-

  • What effects will the policy change have on stakeholders?
  • Why, or why not, is this policy important?
  • What are the costs to stakeholders?
  • Important issues and research to support your position.


·Word document Student name

·Link- Must be present in Word Document-

please include 3 current references less than 5 years old

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