Please watch the video and read the book “A Different Mirror” author Ronald Takaki chapter 13

The late nineteenth and early twentieth century in the U.S. was marked by migration, immigration, and movement of different racial and ethnic groups, fundamentally transforming the country and particularly American cities. At the same time, the expansion of the federal government after the Civil War meant that that government policies could have a great influence on where people moved, or were moved to, and who would be considered a welcomed immigrant and who would be kept out.

As you think about the movement of the groups studied in the modules this week, Native Americans, European immigrants and African Americans, determine whether their movements were voluntary or involuntary. In your first post for the discussion, draw on course resources (readings, videos, and document problems) to answer the following questions in a substantial (1-2 paragraph).

How would you compare the push and pull factors that drove each group to move? What role did the U.S. government play in these migrations and in encouraging or forbidding movement? How did the migrations of European immigrants and black Americans remake American cities and what were the consequences for race relations?

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