Two VERY EASY Paragraphs


PARAGRAPH#1 Research paper topic paragraph

TOPIC: Halloween

The Research Paper for this course will be on the topic of your choice. For this part of the Research Paper Assignment, you will submit a brief paragraph that presents that proposed topic, as well as a probable thesis (the final Research Paper will be due at the end of the semester).

As stated, your Research Paper can be on the topic of your choice. You will need to present the topic in an academic manner, so choose a topic that has depth and detail. That the choice of the topic is up to you should allow you to focus on a subject that is of interest to you.

Your thesis, in fact your topic, may change as you work through your research. This is not a problem. The goal here is to get started, so if there are “adjustments,” there is ample time to work through those adjustments to topic and/or thesis.

MAKE the paragraph nice and simple. It does not have to look like a Harvard graduate wrote it. Make it like an average college student trying to get full credit. Nice and simple.

Paragraph #2 Journal

After reading Chapter 6 of Writing Logically, Thinking Critically,what is your favorite logical fallacy of those presented? Why is this your favorite? Provide an example.

Description of criterion for journal

Length is to be least 150 words. Informal writing and structure acceptable. Do not make it longer than 350 words. I WILL BE SUBMITTING PHOTOS OF CHAPTER 6

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