Two comparison and contrast essays

They should be full two pages.

Double space

Size 12

Time new roman

I attached example

First essay, I want it to be block organization.

The topic is to compare the life of a college student in two countries which are United States of America and Saudi Arabia.


  • United States of America
  • Men and women study together
  • Short vacation
  • Student can ware any clothes
  • Tuition
  • No incentive (reward)

2-Saudi Arabia

  • Separate gender
  • Long vacation
  • Student ware (women ware long skirt and blouse) and (men ware Thobe and Shimag)
  • No tuition
  • Incentive (reward) 990 Saudi Riyal each month


They can study on Campus or On line

They can live on Campus, but Saudis separate gender because of the religion.

Second essay, I want it to be point by point organization. Compare two people’s attitudes toward school and learning. Some ideas: think about how they feel about studying, how motivated they are, and how they behave in class.

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