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Through the CTU Library, access the following article:

Vol. 20, No. 1
February 2005
pp. 81.97

Compliance with Title IX at Kingston State
University: A Case Study on Cost Allocation
and Ethical Decision Making

John T. Reisch and Larry P. Seese

Per the case study (p. 89), you are asked to provide an analysis of whether the university is in compliance with Title IX. This analysis should be provided in a presentation format and should include the following:

Identify the three criteria KSU can use in determining whether the University is in compliance with Title IX.s requirement of equal accommodation of athletic interests, abilities, and opportunities of male and female student athletes.

A critique of Kingston State’s current allocation of indirect costs (as prepared by the internal audit department).

Identify possible methods for ensuring compliance with Title IX, at least two of which involve reallocation of indirect costs. Sam has directed you to determine a reallocation of indirect cost that indicates more money is being spent on women’s sports than under the existing method of overhead allocation. Include schedules of supporting calculations, details of any assumptions you made in performing your calculations, and comments on your choice of alternative methods of indirect cost allocation.

Identify which method of documenting compliance with Title IX you would prefer to see implemented. Use the ethical decision model, discussed in the Appendix, as a basis for your recommendation. 

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