1. Find and post (or post a link to) a real-life issue or example that relates to your theory that has not been posted by another classmate. Real-life examples can be newspaper articles, radio stories, podcasts, news-style videos, or other quality sources of information. These examples should be based on real and current events.
  2. Explain how your post connects to the theory. Be specific here.
  3. Each of your written posts must include the following in 150 words or less:
    • Introduce the real-life example so that we understand what we’re viewing
    • Briefly, define the concept of the theory that your real-life example demonstrates.
    • Explain how the example relates, demonstrates, and/or connects to the theory using terminology from the theory. Be specific here. The majority of your effort should be put towards completing this part of the assignment. This is what you will be graded on mainly.
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