write a 5 – 7 pages on any topic related to the historical of the African Diaspora experience, Your research must be based on at least one secondary source from the ( Textbook? The African Diaspora Experience) , in addition to primary and secondary source gathered for your essay: a medieval West African state / society; the origins and impact of the transatlantic slave trade , the role of gender or religion in shaping African resistance and rebellion in the Americas, the significance of the Haitian Revolution in the making of the modern world. the African Diaspora’s encounters with European colonialism in the nineteenth century, and the legacy of colonialism in Africa and /or its diaspora in the twentieth century. the essay will be produced in three stages . the first stage involves the submission of a proposal that includes a topic/ title, the research problem, a thesis statement, and a preliminary bibliography that includes primary and secondary source ( the latter being three recent books on the topic and reviews of said books). The second stage involves the submission of 2 to 3 pages draft of the paper. the final stage involves submission of the final 5 to 7 page revised essay.

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