Task 3

Welcome to Week 3 of Modern Mathematics. This week is all about some math history, both ancient and contemporary, in the form of numeration systems.

Numeration systems is just a fancy way of saying ‘number systems’ or ‘numbering,’ and it’s basically just the set or sets of numbers that people use. This could take the form of a number system of a society (like ancient Mayans and Chinese) or more recent developments like binary and hexadecimal. Our goal this week is to delve into these numeration systems, see what makes them work and defines them as sets, and ultimately be able to manipulate them to some extent.

Before you look at history, work through the Khan Academy tutorial videos on Number Systems.

Work through the Khan Academy tutorial on Lattice Multiplication

Need some pointers on how to translate a number into binary, ternary, or even hexadecimal number systems? This is a handy place to go!

Check your Understanding

Now find some examples (pictures) of ancient number systems that you will share during the lesson.

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