For this part of your Capstone Project, you will create a Study Schedule Plan. Creating a Study Schedule Plan is an effective time management tool. By plotting out all your time on a weekly schedule, you will be able to see what time is available to dedicate to preparation for the RHIT Exam.

Begin this process by identifying your time during a week that is already committed. Give each category a different color so that you can create a visually clear table:

For example:

  • Sleep (Pink)
  • Wake up/Meals (Blue)
  • Work (Green)
  • Family or Personal Time or any other activities or events that occur on a regular schedule. (Light Yellow)
  • Travel Time (Red)
  • Checking into Class/Schoolwork (Grey)
  • Household Chores (Purple)

Any time on the schedule that is not committed is available study time and available for the student to use to prepare for the exam (marked in Yellow in the below example). As events and situations change, you should adjust your schedule to meet your needs.

Keep in mind the following considerations:

  • The ratio of amount of time spent in class to the amount of time spent outside of class (reading, reviewing, studying, homework, etc.) should be at least 1:2.
  • Once you plan out your week, you will notice that it will be difficult to catch up if you procrastinate because there simply isn’t enough time in the day (or week).
  • Review new material within 24-48 hours because your memory of the material drops from 80% to 20% during this time.

Use this template or create a template similar to the one provided and generate a personalized Study Schedule Plan that can be used during the course and post-graduation.

Your table should be the following:

  • Comprehensive in capturing all your time commitments.
  • Realistic regarding your free time and how much time you can study so that you can be reliable and diligent in fulfilling all your obligations.
  • Visually clear and easy to follow so that it will be useful to you as you identify your best opportunities to study and to make changes going forward.

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