1.essay (see document)


Why did you choose the topic for the essay, and give brief overview of what your essay will be about. Make sure you comment on TWO other peers.

Student 1

Hello everyone! I have chosen the topic of comparing and contrasting two women from the short stories we have read. Although I have not decided which two characters I am going to choose just yet, I still think this is going to be a really fun assignment. I am currently thinking that I am going to choose Miss Emily and the unknown woman from The Yellow Wallpaper. These two women would be very interesting to discuss! The reason that I chose this topic is because I know that I will really enjoy diving into these ladies and their personalities. I like investigating certain characters and trying to determine their reasons for the things that they do. Doing things like this helps me understand different characters, as well as making me put myself their shoes.

Studyent 2

I have chosen to write my essay on the comparison between Emily and the unknown woman in The Yellow Wallpaper. I was intrigued with how the authors brought their mental issues into their stories without actually naming the illness. I am going to show how they are both afflicted similarly yet differently. If the woman behind the design on the yellow wallpaper could be considered a character, I think a compare and contrast between her and the living character would be interesting.

note: separate essay and discussion within two document

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