Throughout history and various civilizations, stories play and have played roles in shaping individuals views of themselves and of their civilization.

Examples might be – King Arthur, and the retelling of said story by Britains, and its impact on them as a ‘nation’ and individually. The Aztecs and Mayans (and others) believed in various a sundry gods who lived in the earth and or sky, and were part of and needed human agency to satisfy part or all of their existence. These stories are told and retold to successive ages, with various purposes.

The Japanese have origin stories, as do the Chinese, and every culture. Within those stories lie other stories told by parents to children for some reason – whether to scare, educate, or inform their children, and successive generations. Gilgamesh and the myth origins / story of the flower may have given you a new outlook on life or living and death.

Your job in this assignment is to tell me a story that has affected your life, whether factual or mythical. The story will have some connection to an historical story (it may now be more cultural than historical). The story can be from any period of history and any culture (eastern or western).

Be specific about what part of the story impacted your life. Don’t simply tell me it ‘impacted you’ – retell the story, and then explain it to me, and its affect on you or on a culture/family.

Approximately 1-2 pages. Follow instructions handed out in the FAQs when doing assignment.

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