Writing Assignment.

  • 1.Identify either the State House of Representative or State Senator who represents the district where you reside.
  • 2.Choose three social issues or public policies. One affecting the state, one affecting the county and a local.
  • 3.Write a minimum of a 1000 word letter to either your State House of Representative or State Senator that
    1. Describes the social issue or policy chosen
    2. Identify its impact on the various level of government in Texas
    3. Propose possible solutions for the social issue or policy chosen and
    4. Uses language suitable for communicating with a legislator.
  • 4.The letter or email should be appropriately addressed to the State House of Representative or State Senator.
  • 5.The letter should utilize three credible sources. This does not include websites such as Wikipedia or Please include your references on a separate page (the actual letter should not have any citations in it).
  • 6.Your letter must be typed, double-spaced, use Times New Roman 12 point font and standard one inch margins.
  • 7.Please upload all the before mentioned documents in one file and in .doc, .dox or .pdf.
  • 8.Be careful not to plagiarize!

Plagiarism is the use of an author’s words or ideas as if they were one’s own without giving credit to the source, including, but not limited to, failure to acknowledge a direct quotation.

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