Engaging with families through positive communications is an essential part of an early childhood educator’s role. What we do in terms of reaching out to families shapes how they , in turn, reach back to us. Families who feel welcome in the program are more likely to participate and become involved.

For this assignment, you will be creating a positive communication that you could use as a tool for connecting with and sharing information with families. To get started, think about something important that you would like to let families know about (for example, an upcoming special event or the opportunity to visit the center). Alternately, you might choose to share some child development information (for instance, reinforcing the importance of keeping a regular schedule or about reading to children every day). Think about how to share your communication with all families, including those who are from diverse culture and language backgrounds.

For the assignment, create a 1-page positive communication flyer or newsletter using one of the two templates provided below. (Or, use your own template if you prefer.)

Flyer Template

Newsletter Template

Be sure to include all required information about who the information is for, why it’s important, what will be happening (an event or visit), and/or what you want them to know (such as if they need RSVP or not). If you are thinking about an event, be sure to include where it will be held, as well as the time. Lastly, include your name and contact information so families know who and how to reach you if they have questions

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