Complete Sections 3 and 4 in the sport fundraising plan template (attached), and submit your updated fundraising plan for grading

(Sections 1–4 should be included). The first two sections of the plan are also attached for reference.

Section 3: Develop a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis for your chosen fundraising

campaign/event. For more information on how to develop this section, you can refer to pages 22–24 in your textbook, or

you may search for examples online. You should clearly define each section of the SWOT analysis for your fundraising

plan. Section 3 should be a minimum of two pages in length.

Section 4: Explain how you plan to develop this fundraising program; elaborate on how personnel will be organized and

how each member will collaborate with others. (For example, clearly define how many staff members will be needed, what

job titles and job roles will be, if a board and/or volunteers will be needed, and which systems will be in place for groups to

communicate with others.) Section 4 should be a minimum of one page in length.

Please consider the following as you complete the assignment:

ï‚· Content should be highly relevant, informative, and remain on topic.

ï‚· All assigned tasks should be addressed and proficiently completed.

ï‚· Accuracy should be excellent, and close attention to detail should be clearly evident in all parts of the assignment.

ï‚· Your writing should be clear and concise with excellent use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation

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