This assignment asks you, along with two or three peers, to look critically at current practices and opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with families in your setting. Groups are expected to organize and lead a discussion about the following: 1) describe what is, what opportunities there

are for family collaboration, in what ways families receive messages that are welcoming, how families from varied cultures might experience the environment; 2) analyze these practices from the perspective of the readings; 3) analyze these practices from the perspective of the families in this setting based upon your understanding of the individual and cultural perspectives of the families. Then, provide a proposal for what could be and how those practices would demonstrate a posture of cultural reciprocity and reflect the spirit of IDEA. You will turn in one page of your discussion highlights to your peers as well as a group paper.

*Each student will submit (1) page of your discussion and highlights with your peers. Please remember to write your paper using the paper/project format as stated in the syllabus.

*Each group will submit a (4-5) page paper. Only one person will need to submit the paper, but each group member’s name will need to be included on the title page aligning to the paper/project format as stated in the syllabus. Remember to cite your references, according to APA 6th edition! ( I want you to do this part )

actually I wrote one page and a half

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