My topic is Social Construction of Gender in shopping malls

Note :please do one article at a time. Write the title, then a paragraph to answer the questions about the article. Then you go the next article. Please answer the questions FOR EACH ARTICLE: Please use ASA format as described in the style guide. Let me know if you need any assistance Also you did NOT answer all the questions from this assignment. The literature review for EACH article must include answers to these questions: 2. Your own CRITICAL analysis of key questions raised in the existing literature (Your mostly summarized the main ideas. Please do a critical analysis) 3. The value and limitations of methods used ( For each article, you need to talk about- What data collection method was used? what data analysis method was used? what are the value/advantages and limitation/disadvantages of each method used? 4. Important insights drawn from each article… what important knowlede did you learn? and opportunities for future and further inquiry.- What is missing in the article that can be included in future research? After you have answered those questiosn from each article, then answer question number 5 5. How the insights from the three different sources can be synthesized, including how they support or conflict with one another (Please sythesize what you have learnt from each article) Please review your assignment and resubmit.Let me know if you have any question.

Please use academic journals

Please use this Guideline and resubmit your assignment

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