The recent Sino-Russian cooperation in cybersecurity is nothing new, both countries always complained about the United States dominance of the internet. In 2015 both countries signed a basically non-aggression agreement to respect each other’s cyber sovereignty and to cooperate on cybersecurity matters. The treaty also promised to collaborate to make a global pact to combat cybercrimes through the United Nations. Both countries are aware this so-called agreement would not last, they only seeing an opportunity to stand against the United States and the treaty might take a conspiratorial twist if they collaborate to attack the US and learn from each other. The united states should find partners of its own and send a clear message; it would not sit idle while others conspire against it. Russia and China use very similar ideology when it comes to cyber policy it’s the mentality of big brother, or government knows best. Any activist in China or Russia could face apprehension for posting an anti-government message on the internet. Holding information in both countries is normal, in contrast to the United States where there is freedom of information Act. China Russia cooperation put the state best interest first before their own Citizens.

According to the majority of the U.S. intelligence and cybersecurity experts, Russian hackers interfered in the 2016 United States presidential election. This action raised the point that apparently, Putin dislike to being attacked but meantime he doesn’t mind being the attacker. The Chinese and Russian civilian and military branches attack the United States daily; the cyberwar has been underway for quite some time, there is no indication that it will end soon and maybe never. When China and Russia confronted about such allegations, they always raise the Snowden issue and how the NSA is spying on everyone whether it’s a friend or foe. This talk brings back memories of the cold war when the world got divided into east and west blocks. The difference this time cyberwar would pose a more significant threat than the past since the average citizen of any developing country relies on the internet for primary services such as education, communication, commerce and staying informed.

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