simple bibliography writing assignment

The topic I choose is: Saint Matthew from the Ebbo Gospels(Gospel Book of the Archbishop of Reims)

Please submit at least 3 quality, academic sources with correct formatting in a bibliography AND one paragraph per source in which you describe why you picked it and how it is going to help and inform your assignment.

You will be marked down for sub-par sources. (I think that Wikipedia is a good source because it CITES IT’S SOURCES, The Artstory, on the other hand, does not- keep this in mind as you choose your sources)

If you are not sure how to evaluate a quality source please read:

For example (this Bibliography is about Pre-Renaissance, but you can use it as a template):

  • Valerie Spanswick, “Gothic architecture, an introduction,” in Smarthistory, August 8, 2015, accessed December 11, 2018,
    • This first source is Smarthistory’s introduction to Gothic Architecture. I will use this article as well as the other articles and videos in this section by Smarthistory to better inform myself about the Gothic style, the various Gothic styles within Gothic architecture as well as other Gothic buildings. I will use this source to discover more information about Gothic architecture in general in order to be able to write my formal, historical and contextual analysis for Cologne Cathedral.
  • Calkins, Robert G. Medieval Architecture in Western Europe: From A.D. 300 to 1500, New York: Oxford University Press, 1998.
    • This second source is a print book (old-school, I know) but it is a great source on the Cologne Cathedral. Robert Calkins is an expert on Medieval architecture and while I will not read the entire book in preparation for the course project, I will read the introduction and important chapters like Ch. 13 Early Gothic in France, Ch. 15 Regional Gothic Styles, and Ch. 17 Late Gothic Elaborations and Innovations.
  • Samu, Margaret. “Impressionism: Art and Modernity.” In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000. (October 2004)
    • My final source is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Heilbrunn Timeline. I am using this source to learn more about another important French artistic movement: Impressionism. Gothic architecture and Impressionism and tied closely to French Art and Culture and I will need to know as much as I can about both in order to mash them up in my assignment. By learning more about Impressionism I am hoping to find points of comparison and differences that I can use to arrange my mash-up and inform the way I write about these artworks.
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