Team Cases: (1) Teams are required to prepare a written analysis of their assigned issues; (2) considering both yes (pro) and no (con) responses; (3) taking a team position for either “yes” or “no” as their response:

  • Students are required to draw from external sources, providing at least two external sources (beyond the two provided with the issue). Therefore, the paper should include at least (2) pro sources and (2) con sources regarding the assigned issue. Use the APA Publications Manual (6th ed. or most current) as well as Purdue OWL so that you correctly cite outside sources within the body of the case, and in the reference section.
  • Teams are to develop a 5 page paper for Canvas submission to include: cover page, body of paper, and reference page for the submission. Contributing team members to be listed on cover page.
  • Some class time will be devoted to working with your team. However, please note that class time given will not be sufficient for you to complete the assignment. Therefore, do not rely solely on class time to work on the case.
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