Look at the readings we have done this quarter, and choose one reading upon which to write an evaluative position paper, in which you will analyze the rhetorical effectiveness of the author. Your essay should be controlled by a central idea (i.e. you must have a thesis) and should be developed by discussing specific examples of effective writing techniques used by the author. Your essay should establish the effectiveness of the author’s writing and why it is effective for a specific audience (i.e. their original audience, which may be academic, popular, middle class, primarily male or female, etc.). Your essay will be evaluated on the basis of your ability to develop your central idea(your thesis) and to take a position that you defend, to express yourself clearly, to come up with persuasive and detailed evidence, and to use the conventions of written English.The topic has no single “correct” response.

Remember to be as specific as possible in giving supportive detail and evidence to backup your argument, including specific examples and moments from your selected text, and analysis of those moments. The evidence you use will be direct quotations from the reading, as well as reference to specific incidents in the reading. This assignment will make use of the close reading skills we have discussed in class.

I strongly suggest beginning with a clear outline for your paper, in which you label the different writing techniques the author uses effectively (these are the topics of your body paragraphs) and then collect quotes that demonstrate that effectiveness under each topic.

Each body paragraph should begin and end with an argumentative claim about the author’s effectiveness with this technique, in relation to their original, specific audience. This means that you must think hard about the choices they have made as anauthor and why they would be effective for that specific type of reader (be careful: youare not evaluating its effectiveness for you, personally!).

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