Traditional Research – Literature Review Paper

Project Title: Cyber-attacks are increasing on the internet and smart phone devices. (The purpose of this research to find specific issues and potential solutions to these cyber-attacks. This research will use the qualitative approach to gather data from cyber-security professionals in order to identify the issues and solutions of this cyber-attacks)

Literature Review is a critical evaluation of peer-reviewed articles, texts, and other sources relevant to your research. The paper must contain a minimum of eight (8) peer-reviewed references published within the past 5 years.

Literature Review Content:

  • Subject or issue overview (do not rewrite the introduction)
  • Categorized or themed presentation of material supporting and refuting the subject or issue
  • Critical review and comparison of each referenced work
  • Conclusions based on the facts in the literature review

The paper should contain at least 6-8 pages of content not count title page, table page and a reference page.

Paper Requirements:

* Abstract, Table of contents, Introduction, conclusion and sub headings are mandatory

* APA Format should follow all APA rules (citations, quotations, references)

* Follow Template

* No Plagiarism

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