Travelers Beware!

Read the article:
Travelers beware! That free charging station could hack your phone

Padget-Beale’s Resort Operations (RO) Team is putting together an update for their guest information brochure titled “Staying Safe While Traveling.” Most of the content is being reused from the 2010 version. But, RO wants to add something new and fresh so that travelers will appreciate the care and concern that RO has for their safety — especially with respect to digital information.

The head of the RO Security Team has asked you to help out by preparing a 2 to 3 paragraph description of the problem plus a 5 item tips list based on the news article above about the risks of using public charging stations. Your summary should begin by explaining how hackers can use public charging stations to collect sensitive information from a traveler’s cell phone (video jacking). Make sure that your contribution to the pamphlet is easy to read, clearly conveys the risks that a traveler could face, and provide suggestions for avoiding the problem altogether.

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