MTH-1010-148038 – Quantitative Lit Reasoning

Find a recent news story that concerns population growth. Does the story consider the long-term effects of the growth? If so, do you agree with the claims? If not, discuss a few possible effects of future growth.

Write a 2 paragraph response to the above question. Your finished project should be typed and double-spaced. Use what we talked about today in class about exponential functions, and what you read in the textbook in chapter 8 to make your response based in mathematics, not just opinion.

When you hand in your project, you will hand in the typed response, as well as a copy of the news story you reference. Your news story should have been published by a reputable news organization (no Buzzfeed or other clickbait!) in the current calendar year

WFS-1400-145470 – Nutrition and Weight Mgmt.

For each of the following health issues or diseases: a) Cancer, b) Diabetes, c) Atherosclerosis, d) Hypertension :

Assess your own life/nutrition/exercise/choices – how much are you at risk for each of these 4 big health issues? Explain briefly what your choices are and how they put you at risk or reduce your risk of developing these diseases

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