Topic: Police Brutality- Police using excessive force on civilians

Some things you can talk about are Use of Excessive Force, False Arrest and Imprisonment, Unreasonable search

Start gathering scholastic articles from journals, books, edited volume, databases, etc. (All web sources SHOULD be related to an academic institute or a research institution). You will need three scholastic sources for your Works Cited page. The presentations will be approximately ten minutes and should be objective, interesting, informative, and most importantly related to Social Science.

You are to use approximately 5-7 key terms from any of the seven social sciences. These can be theories, concepts, and/or individuals that we have discussed in class or in our textbook.

Start gathering non-scholastic articles, books, documentaries, newspaper and/or magazine articles, etc. The presentation is to demonstrate the synthesis of information, it should not sound like an encyclopedia entry. Nor are any encyclopedias to be cited as scholastic sources.

Your presentation should answer the following questions: What is being done in this area of social/environmental justice or injustice? What is the history behind this topic? Who are the stake holders? What is being done to address the issue/topic? Is there a “solution” to the problem? What other factors are related to this topic? What relationships can be identified in regards to the social sciences?

Rubric is attached. Has to be a good powerpoint with images details and good information. Works Cited should be last page

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