We need to do a debate presentation about the sixth topic. We are on the support side. Could you please write a report for me and use 2-3 examples(need citation). I am the forth people of our group. I post all requirement, pls read and follow

All requirement I attached

1.5-2 pages double space

And do not use industrialization and population too much(if you want to use them, don’t write about China, US)

No.6 question: Should developed countries bear the brunt of greenhouse gas emissions? In one way or another, there is almost agreement between countries worldwide on the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There is; however, heated debate on the mechanism. Although may not be the main producers of greenhouse gas today, developed countries have cumulatively produced most of greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. In other words, ever since the industrial revolution most developed countries have been producing greenhouse gases. Today countries like China produce as much greenhouse gases if not more than most developed countries but they started their emissions much later than the late 1700s. If you are “pro” the statement, then you will argue that developed countries should carry most of the burden due to their higher historic impact. Otherwise, you will argue that the highest emitters today, such as China, should have the larger burden

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